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Distinctive and Special Collections Organizational Charts

University of Washington Libraries Organizational Chart for Distinctive and Special Collections- January 2021

Associate Dean of University Libraries/Director of Distinctive Collections, Paul Constantine

Special Collections

Interim Director of Distinctive Collections/ Associate Director of Special Collections, Lisa Oberg

  • Assistant Book Arts & Rare Book Curator, Kat Lewis
  • Book Arts and Rare Book Curator, Sandra Kroupa
  • Digital Collections Curator, Ann Lally
  • Moving Image Curator, Hannah Palin
  • Pacific Northwest Curator, Anne Jenner
  • Reproduction and Publishing Services Coordinator, Rebecca Baker
  • University Archivist, John Bolcer
  • Visual Materials Curator, Nicolette Bromberg

Public Services

Associate Director of Special Collections, Lisa Oberg

  • Architecture Archivist, Kelly Daviduke
  • Public Services Coordinator, Vacant
  • Public Services Librarian, Allee Monheim
  • Public Services Library Specialist, James Stack
  • Public Services Library Technician, Jana Peterson

Technical Services

Head of Special Collections Technical Services, Emily Dominick

  • Computer Support Analyst, Mark Carlson
  • Digital Projects Coordinator, Vacant

Labor Archives

Head, Labor Archives of Washington, Conor Casey

  • Labor Archivist for Processing, Crystal Rodgers

International Studies

Head, International Studies/ Head, Slavic & Eastern European Sections, Michael Biggins

    • Head, Near East Section, Mary St. Germain
      • International Studies Processing Technician, Denis Kautsman
    • Head, Southeast Asia Section, Judith Henchy
      • Southeast Asia Library Specialist, Vacant
      • International Studies Specialist, Nadia Dimitrov

      Atsuhiko and Ina Goodwin Tateuchi East Asia Library

      Director of Tateuchi East Asia Library, Zhijia Shen

      • Administrative Coordinator, Vacant
      • Chinese Cataloging and Metadata Librarian, Jian Lee
      • Chinese & Taiwanese Reference/Instruction and Liaison Librarian, Ian Chapman
      • Japanese Cataloger/Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian, Keiko Hill
      • Japanese Studies Librarian, Azusa Tanaka
      • Korean Cataloger/Librarian, Heija Ryoo

      Technical Services

      Chinese Materials Specialist and Technical Services Supervisor, Yanyan Sun

      • Japanese Acquisitions and Cataloging Specialist, Saori Tachibana
      • Korean Acquisitions and Cataloging Specialist, Chuyong Bae
      • Serials, Binding, and Cataloging Specialist, Kyungsuk Yi

      Public Services

      Korean Studies Librarian & Head of Public Services, Hyokyoung Yi

      • Circulation and Marking Supervisor, vacant
        • Circulation and Marking Lead, Yan Zhu
      • Japanese Cataloger/Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian, Keiko Hill